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Fishing Guide SEO

Fishing Guide SEO

More Guide Bookings For The Digital Age


It all starts with a search.

Before the internet you used the yellow pages, if you wanted to find a fishing guide you would have to use 411 to get a list of lodges. In the digital age it’s rather easy to share you information on the internet by creating a website for your guide business. However most fishing guides don’t realize or don’t know how to do rather, is get found online.  Google is the place that most visitors go to when they are trying to find information. The other ways people look for information about business are on relevant industry forums, and maybe their favorite industry blog.  Google is essentially the new “Yellow Pages” if you hire an SEO to optimize your website you can be sure you have the best chance of showing up in the search results. If you want to know exactly how many people are searching for your business online we can provide that metric to you in one of our paid consultations.

Google uses an ever changing complex algorithm, sure you can learn SEO there are plenty of videos on YouTube and i’m currently in the process of creating an SEO training course. However since Google is always changing it’s best to hire someone that stay on top of the industry and can make changes quickly when google decides to change it’s mind on how they index pages.

Results you can measure.


What I Spend Your Money On

I believe that in order to earn the business of a client for a lifetime transparency is a must. So I am about to tell you exactly how your money gets spent, and why I have SEO contracts.


You may get a call from one of my dedicated account managers, he/she will have checked out your site and know a lot about your guide service.

The First Month Of Service

50% of the first months payment goes to the account manager, this is his pay for on-boarding your account and getting everything set up in our system.

40% of your budget goes into on page SEO activities and on page SEO to make sure that google knows exactly where all of your content is on your website,

5% of your budget goes into any software license we need to purchase on your behalf to make sure we can monitor and measure all aspects of your online business.

5% Goes to me, and I’ll probably use this to buy so flies and catch a few bull reds in the marsh down here in south Louisiana where our office is located. If I already have enough flies, then i’m going to take that 5% and buy some beer and lunch 🙂

Subsequent months 

In the subsequent months we will be going after back links and guest blog posts from high authority websites. Google likes when popular sites link to yours and that is a service we provide to make sure we stay ahead of our competition, who most likely submit you to directory sites, and spam comments with your website link all over the internet. While this may work temporarily, Google will catch it and penalize you for it.  Be careful who you hire in this industry. Make sure they are providing you back links for quality resources, and going after guest posts on relevant blogs and other sites.

60%  of your monthly budget goes to the SEO specialist for doing work for your site.

10%  of your monthly budget goes to your dedicated account manager

5%  of your monthly budget goes to purchase software used to monitor and measure your account metrics.

25% of your monthly budget goes to me, Which I use to pay my mortgage, feed my dog buddy, pay my car payment, and all the other things we do as adults.  25% isn’t a lot of money consider most of our clients experience a 300% return on investment within the first year. This is also just enough to keep my happy. And a happy boss that provides a great work environment = happy employees that are making a good living and provide the best results for my clients.

Monthly Reporting and the Software I use.

I spend over $2,000 a month in analytics software just so I have a competitive edge in the industry. All of our SEO clients have access to a custom created dashboard so they can login and view their metrics at any time. We also provide monthly reporting on all client campaigns directly to your email.  I’m also not going to keep any of this software a secret. We use a white label version of Agency Analytics, Moz, Yext, SUMOME, CallRail, and SEM Rush, in addition to the software I use, we have a team member that manages no more than 5 SEO campaigns at a time to make sure your guide business is getting the attention it deserves.


How we are different from big SEO companies. 

Most bigger agencies have a cookie cutter box model of doing this,  even tho these services are far less money they don’t often work very well.  They spend the majority of their budget paying upper level management leaving little budget to actually work on your project. A basic SEO salary as entry level starts of at around $40,000/year which means if 75% of your budget goes to sales and operations there isn’t much left to pay the hourly guy to make your site rank in google. Take some time and check out some other SEO companies.

We offer a different kind of guarantee. 

Don’t get scared and run just because we said this.  Offering a guarantee on “First Page” or “First Result” of google, is like living in New York city without a generator, and promising that the power will never go out. It simply is not right to guarantee SEO results.  What we can guarantee is that you will see improvement in traffic to your site. We can also guarantee an increase in conversion ratio for that traffic if you hire us to do a website re-design. We can provide estimates on how long it will take to notice a difference in search traffic and that usually takes 1-2 months.

SEO is a marathon, not a race. In order to give us ample time to improve your search engine results we require a 1 year contract. This allows us to show you a positive ROI, and keep you as a life long client.


I touched on this a little bit earlier we don’t have a box model. Everything about your SEO campaign is custom to your guide business. As a rule of thumb you should be spending 10% of your annual income on marketing.  When you increase your business by doing SEO you end up needing to market more, so increasing your budget will sometimes be brought up once your SEO campaign is profitable.  We provide do provide a free SEO Report that you can analyze.  I always recommend getting a  1 hour SEO analysis consultation with me it’s $300. We will go over your site report and your business for the first 10 minutes as well as it’s goals. Then I will go over what could be changed on your website to increase conversion ratio, as well as what your competitors are doing that makes them out rank you, and our game plan to beat them.

After the call I will email you a detailed strategy plan and you can decide to hire us, or outsource the work to another agency. If you do hire us to do your SEO for you, we will credit $25 a month off the total price of your package so essentially your SEO strategy consultation is free.

Fishing Guide SEO and my experience.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about fly fishing SEO, but I really want you to understand why I know the industry and my experiance.

As a best business practice I only advertise verticals that I have a lot experience in marketing and knowledge of the industry.

Fishing is defiantly an industry that I have experience in and knowledge of. I am a fishermen. I fish. I catch Fish. And I post it on social media. I even have a drink with my buddies from time to time and exaggerate on how big the fish I catch are. But don’t tell them if you ever meet them.

I started fishing when I was 5 years old with my father for bass in central Pennsylvania, I was HOOKED! Physically a couple times by myself as a child, and by a few of my drunk buddies as a teenager. But hooked emotionally is more of what I mean.  I primarily fly fish for reds in the marsh or for speckled trout in Grand Isle.

I also was the web manager for the only New Orleans fly shop, Uptown Angler which is now closed (due to no fault of my own)

I increased e commerce product sales 2,500% from around $150 a week to around $500/day, I also implemented online booking and hired dedicated shop guides. We increased our online bookings by 200%, and by hiring shop guides we also increased our profit margin by 200% percent as well. I did all this in six month including uploading 4,000 items skus images and descriptions to our online website. When I was told about closing (we just didn’t have enough foot traffic) I did a 25% off fire sale email blast to our 2,000 person email list and I sold $10,000 in inventory in 48 hours.

And now the moment you have all been waiting for.

Everything you need to know about marketing your online fishing guide service. 

There are 5 things I’m going to go over here so you see the big picture. They are SEO, Social Media, SEM or Paid Ads, Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing.


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